Please see the Herald each Tuesday for all fixtures, along with the referees allocated, for the coming week.  The Herald is the official source for all UCFL fixtures.


The home team should contact the opposition and referee in good time to check that all is in order.

If the home team’s pitch is unavailable for any reason, the game must be switched to the away team’s pitch (if this is the first league meeting between the sides, the match will then be treated as the home match for the team on whose pitch it takes place).  Please contact the Fixtures Secretary if there are any problems - no match can be called off without the agreement of the UCFL.

The referee should be paid his match fee prior to the match.  If the referee appears and the match fails to take place for any reason (e.g. pitch unplayable), the referee is entitled to half the regular match fee.


The home team should phone the match result, together with, if possible, names of scorers for both teams, to the league secretary, Paraic Treanor, before 18.30 on Saturday evening.  For midweek fixtures, this should be done before 21.30 on the night of the fixture.