(Note midweek fixtures for April 1 & 3 shown below March 30 fixtures)

Fixtures For Saturday 30/03/2019

NB - fixtures posted Mar 25; subsequent changes may be made to individual fixtures (with agreement/instruction of Fixtures Secretary), but may not appear here.

Home Team ko Away Team Venue Referee(s)

UCFL Premier Division

Lakeview Swans 12.15 Glasnaion Pitch 7 Bushy Park C Keating J Keating TBA
Harding IF FC 13.30 AGP FC Pitch 2, Ringsend Park, Dublin 4 T Shannon J O'Hanlon G Smart
VEC FC 12.30 Coolock Village FC VEC GRound Terenure K Butterly A Singleton W Shannon
SWSC FC 11.00 Beech Park FC Pitch 2, Ringsend Park, Dublin 4 J O'Hanlon T Shannon G Smart

Idle: Liberties FC Castle Celtic FC

UCFL Division 1

Portmarnock AFC 11.45 Rathmichael FC Carrickhill & Paddy's Hill J Dalton
Rialto FC 12.00 Shelbourne SSC Dolphin Road P Power
Shelbourne AFC 12.00 Drimnagh Celtic Albert College Park B Lawless
Drumcondra AFC 12.30 Clontarf Athletic Albert College 5 B Gannon

Idle: Harding IF FC 2nds Aston Village

UCFL Division 2

Booterstown Utd 12.00 Dunshaughlin Youths Rockfield Park, Blackrock T Doherty
Exodus FC 14.30 Atletico Malahide No 1 Brickfields Park P Hutchinson
VEC FC 12.30 Oldbury FC VEC GRound Terenure JJ Walsh
Rathmines Roosters FC 13.30 Portmarnock AFC Whelan Park L Wells
Sandford/St Marys FC 12.30 Swords Manor Pitch 14 Tymon Park C McCarthy

Idle; Strand Utd

UCFL Division 3

AGP FC 2nds 14.00 Dunshaughlin Youths 2nds Esker Drive [Griffeen Valley Park] A Wardick
Riverside Utd 12.30 Castle Celtic FC 2nds Brickfields Park P Hutchinson
Tallaght Utd 11.00 Athletico FMI Newlands Cemetery Ballymount Park K Nolan
Beech Park 2nds 14.00 Coolock Village FC 2nds St Catherines Park K Nolan

Idle; Dynamo Ridgewood River Valley Rangers York Road

UCFL Division 3A

Castle Celtic FC 3rds 14.30 Phoenix FC 2 Stannaway Park C Keating
DunshaughlinYouths 3rds 13.00 Drumcondra AFC 2nds Dunshaughlin Business Park A Spierin
Frankfort FC 14.00 Sandford/St Marys FC 2nds Donaghmede Park L Byrne
Clontarf Athletic 2nds 14.15 Oldbury FC 2nds Baskin Lane G Caswell
Benbulbin Utd 12.30 Mid Sutton Sportslink Brickfields Park R Bermejo

Idle: St Maelruans FC

Monday 1st April Kick Off 6.15pm

Premier Division

SWSC FC 18.15 Liberties FC Pitch 2, Ringsend Park, Dublin 4 K Butterly

UCFL Division 2

Atletico Malahide FC 18.15 Strand Utd Malahide Castle G Caswell
Booterstown FC 18.15 Oldbury FC Rockfield Park, Blackrock P Hutchinson
Sandford/St Marys 18.15 Exodus FC Pitch 14 Tymon Park JJ Walsh
Swords Manor FC 18.15 Dunshaughlin Youths Brackenstown Rd Swords B Lawless

Idle: Portmarnock AFC 2nds Rathmines Roosters VEC FC 2nds

UCFL Division 3

AGP FC 2nds 18.15 River Valley Rangers Esker Drive [Griffeen Valley Park] J Dalton
Dynamo Ridgewood 18.15 Beech Park FC 2nds Rathingle Road Pitch 1, Swords C McCarthy
Riverside Utd 18.15 Athletico FMI Brickfields Park T Doherty
Tallaght Utd 18.15 Castle Celtic FC 2nds Newlands Cemetery Ballymount Park A Singleton

Idle: Dunshaughlin Youths 2nds Coolock Village FC 2nds York Road FC

UCFL Division 3 A

St Maelruans FC 18.15 Sandford/St Mary FC 2nds Aylesbury Park, Tallaght G Smart
Phoenix FC 18.15 Drumcondra AFC 2nds Father Collins Park Donaghmede J McDonnell
Castle Celtic FC 3rds 18.15 Oldbury FC 2nds 2 Stannaway Park W Shannon
Mid Sutton Sportslink FC 18.15 Dunshaughlin Youths 3rds Sportslink Complex Furrey Park P Rooney

Idle: Benbulbin Utd

UCFL Division 3A Shield [Section A]

Clontarf Athletic FC 2nds 18.15 Frankfort FC A Spierin

Wednesday 3rd April Kick Off 6.15pm

Premier Division

Castle Celtic FC 20.00 Lakeview Swans FC C Keating JJ Walsh T Doherty
Glasnaion FC 18.15 Coolock Village FC J O'Hanlon J Dalton A Spierin

Idle; Liberties FC SWSC FC

UCFL Premier Division Shield [Section A]

AGP FC 18.15 VEC FC P Power G Smart B Gannon

UCFL Premier Division Shield [Section B]

Harding IF FC 18.15 Beech Park FC K Nolan P Hutchinson W Shannon

Division 1

Aston Village FC 18.15 Clontarf AFC K Butterly
Drumcondra AFC 18.15 Shelbourne AFC T Shannon

UCFL Division 1 Shield [Section A]

Portmarnock AFC 18.15 Shelbourne SSC B Lawless

UCFL Division 1 Shield [Section B]

Rialto FC 18.15 Drimnagh Celtic A Singleton
Rathmichael FC 18.15 Harding IF FC 2nds TBA