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Disciplinary Procedures

Any player dismissed from the field of play is automatically suspended for his team's next match.  He must also appear, along with the club secretary, before the league’s disciplinary sub-committee the following Thursday night (7.15pm-8pm) at 1/2 Eden Quay, when any additional suspension* and/or fine will be decided.

The requirement to appear does not apply where the dismissal is due to 2 yellow card offences, rather than a "straight" red card, though the player retains the right to appear.

During the period of midweek matches, sendings-off on a Saturday or Monday night will be heard the following Thursday night; those on a Wednesday will be heard the following Thursday week, i.e. 8 days later.

A mandatory fine of €30 is also imposed for all dismissals; this fine may be increased depending on the circumstances.

*Any additional suspension will apply with effect from the Tuesday after the Thursday night disciplinary meeting.  Thus, where the total suspension exceeds one match, the notification sent to the player’s club will contain two dates, the first (relating to the automatic one match ban), is effective from the date of the dismissal and applies to the team’s next match, even though this may pre-date the disciplinary hearing, with the balance becoming effective from the Tuesday after the (Thursday night) disciplinary hearing.

Last updated: 27/08/2017. Previous: 22/10/2011