Public Liability Insurance & Injuries/Medical cover

Public Liability Insurance:

In line with FAI policy, the UCFL requires that each member club holds an approved public liability insurance policy.  Evidence of this, in the form of a copy of the certificate of insurance, must be presented to the league before the commencement of any season and subsequently, in advance of the expiry date, evidence of renewal must be presented.

There are a small number of insurance brokers offering suitable policies designed specifically for sports clubs.

The UCFL maintains contact with all brokers covering clubs affiliated to the league and is informed immediately if cover is lapsed for any reason (e.g. failure to renew the policy, failure to pay premiums).  In the event of insurance cover lapsing for any reason, fixtures will be stopped immediately.

Injuries — Personal Accident Cover/ UCFL Injured Players Fund:

While it is not a requirement for membership of the UCFL, many clubs also hold Personal Accident policies to provide a limited amount of cover for medical expenses due to injuries incurred by any of their members in the course of club activities.  There are various types and levels of cover provided; some of the more expensive policies available provide a certain amount of cover for loss of income.

An alternative, or, for many clubs, an additional level of cover, can be provided by membership of the UCFL Injured Players Fund.  This is designed to provide payments towards costs arising following injuries sustained in the course of official matches played by clubs within the UCFL (this would include matches in “outside” competitions, i.e. FAI Junior Cup, LFA Junior Cup and LFA Junior Shield).  These payments are open only to those clubs who choose to join the fund at the start of each season and pay the required annual fee per team.  Currently (2011/12), the fee is €100 per team and the maximum payment is €35 per week for a maximum period of 8 weeks.

The Injured Players Fund Rules are available for viewing under the About UCFL/ Rules sub-section of this website.

The rules require that any injury which may subsequently result in a claim must be notified in writing to the UCFL Hon Treasurer (Mr. Seamus Doherty) within 7 days of its occurrence.  In the event of such an injury resulting in financial costs, a claim should then be made via the Injured Player Claim Form, which can be downloaded by clicking here