Player Registration/ Transfers

Player Registration:

The UCFL are introducing a new player registration system in advance of the 2018/19 season. This is an online system, “FAInet”, which is being introduced throughout the country by the FAI. The link to the login page is as follows:

Login details, including passwords, have been circulated to clubs which have made contact with the FAInet team in Abbotstown, either by attending one of the workshops held in March and July, or via email and/or the UCFL Registrar. Any club which does not have such details should contact the Registrar immediately (, as registration for 2018/19 will be via this online system only. The notification from FAInet also contains links to useful instruction materials.

Player transfers

With the introduction of the new system, the old paper form based player registration system is now ended. The following notes concerning player transfers will be revised in the near future (July 2018) to take account of these changes. However, a paper form as outlined will still be required for the present.

A player who wishes to transfer from any club (which may or may not be within the UCFL) to a club within the UCFL, must complete Section I of the UCFL’s official transfer form (see Forms sub-section).

Section II must then be completed and signed by the Hon Sec of the club which the player is leaving, with Section III to be completed and signed by the Hon Sec of the club which he is joining. In addition, if he is leaving a club in a League other than the UCFL, that League must also stamp the transfer form (an administration fee, typically €30, will apply).

Last updated: 24/07/2018