Division 3A

Competition:5655  Match:691689  UCFL

Drumcondra AFC 2nds 3 - 2 Benbulbin United

Referee: John O'Toole

Drumcondra AFC 2nds despatch Benbulbin United.
7th placed Drumcondra AFC 2nds marginally won 3-2 against their visitors, 10th placed Benbulbin United at Albert College at 11:30 am

Drumcondra AFC 2nds
Form: W L W W L D L L D L L L L W D W L L W D W W

Benbulbin United are currently on a losing streak of 7 games.
Form: L L L L L L L D D L D W D W W D L W W L L L

Current League Position
7Drumcondra AFC 2nds2284105154-328
10Benbulbin United2255124072-3220

This competition head to head
09/10/21 11 amBenbulbin United07Drumcondra AFC 2ndsBrickfield Park
02/04/22 11:30 amDrumcondra AFC 2nds32Benbulbin UnitedAlbert College

Recent Results in this competition
Drumcondra AFC 2nds
Pavee Celtic03Drumcondra AFC 2nds
19/04/22 6:30 pmBelgard Athletic 2nds72Drumcondra AFC 2nds
09/04/22Drumcondra AFC 2nds30Exodus FC
02/04/22 11:30 amDrumcondra AFC 2nds32Benbulbin United
30/03/22 6:15 pmDrumcondra AFC 2nds16York Road FC
26/03/22 1:15 pmGlasnaion FC 2nds11Drumcondra AFC 2nds
Benbulbin United
23/04/22 11 amBenbulbin United03Belgard Athletic 2nds
09/04/22 2 pmBelgard Athletic 2nds80Benbulbin United
06/04/22 6:30 pmPalmerstown FC31Benbulbin United
02/04/22 11:30 amDrumcondra AFC 2nds32Benbulbin United
26/03/22 1:15 pmGlenmalure Rovers21Benbulbin United
05/03/22 11:30 amBenbulbin United17Tamh-Leach FC
Referee Statistics
John O'Toole5214

Drumcondra AFC 2ndsBenbulbin United