Division 3A

Competition:5655  Match:691708  UCFL

Team Zimbabwe 0 - 1 Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds

Venue: Bushy Park

Referee: Paul Lang

Team Zimbabwe are defeated by Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds.
11th placed Team Zimbabwe were marginally beaten at home by 4th placed Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds at Bushy Park at 2 pm

Team Zimbabwe have lost 9 out of 11 home games.
Form: W L W L L L L W L W L L L L L D L L L W W L

Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
Form: W W L W L L W D L D W W W D W L D W W W L W

Current League Position
4Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds22124654431140
11Team Zimbabwe2261154761-1419

This competition head to head
06/11/21 2 pmTeam Zimbabwe01Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rdsBushy Park
19/02/22 1:30 pmDunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds70Team ZimbabweRatoath Astro

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Team Zimbabwe
Team Zimbabwe30Pavee Celtic
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02/04/22 2 pmTeam Zimbabwe13Belgard Athletic 2nds
26/03/22 1:30 pmTeam Zimbabwe24York Road FC
19/02/22 1:30 pmDunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds70Team Zimbabwe
Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds30Pavee Celtic
01/06/22 7 pmTamh-Leach FC03Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
27/04/22 6:45 pmBelgard Athletic 2nds60Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
04/04/22 6:30 pmGlasnaion FC 2nds13Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
02/04/22Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds04Glenmalure Rovers
26/02/22 11:30 amPalmerstown FC31Dunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds
Referee Statistics
Paul Lang24512210

Team ZimbabweDunshaughlin Youths FC 3rds