Division 3C

Competition:6664  Match:879718  UCFL

Newlane FC 2nds 4 - 0 Stedfast United 2nds

Venue: Coldcut

Referee: Tom Shannon

Newlane FC 2nds take all points from Stedfast United 2nds.
2nd placed Newlane FC 2nds won 4-0 against their visitors, League leaders Stedfast United 2nds at Coldcut at 6:30 pm

Newlane FC 2nds are currently on a winning streak of 4 games.They have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: W W W W D W W L W W

Stedfast United 2nds
Form: W D W W L W W W L D W W

Current League Position
1Stedfast United 2nds1282240202026
2Newlane FC 2nds1081146222425

This competition head to head
05/09/22 6:30 pmNewlane FC 2nds40Stedfast United 2ndsColdcut

Club Fixture History
09/05/22 6:45 pmNewlane FC 2nds31Stedfast United 2ndsDivision 3C Shield Section B

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Referee Statistics
Tom Shannon3118211

Newlane FC 2ndsStedfast United 2nds