Division 3C

Competition:5657  Match:750460  UCFL

Newlane FC 2nds 2 - 5 Tallaght Utd 3rds

Referee: James Keating

Newlane FC 2nds lose to Tallaght Utd 3rds.
11th placed Newlane FC 2nds were beaten at home by League leaders Tallaght Utd 3rds at Collinstown Park at 11:30 am

Newlane FC 2nds
Form: L L L D L L L L W L L L L L L

Tallaght Utd 3rds have yet to be beaten away from home.
Form: W W D D W D W W W D D D L W W

Current League Position
1Tallaght Utd 3rds1586144202430
11Newlane FC 2nds1511131760-434

This competition head to head
25/08/21 6:45 pmTallaght Utd 3rds60Newlane FC 2ndsNewlands Cemetery, Ballymount Park
27/11/21 11:30 amNewlane FC 2nds25Tallaght Utd 3rdsCollinstown Park

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Newlane FC 2nds
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04/12/21 2 pmBlack Forge FC 2nds43Newlane FC 2nds
27/11/21 11:30 amNewlane FC 2nds25Tallaght Utd 3rds
20/11/21 2 pmNewlane FC 2nds11Astars
13/11/21 2 pmNewlane FC 2nds02Celtic Park FC
30/10/21 2 pmNewlane FC 2nds04Stedfast United 2nds
Tallaght Utd 3rds
04/12/21 2 pmTallaght Utd 3rds30Celtic Park FC
27/11/21 11:30 amNewlane FC 2nds25Tallaght Utd 3rds
20/11/21 2 pmStedfast United 2nds22Tallaght Utd 3rds
13/11/21 12:30 pmBallyowen Celtic22Tallaght Utd 3rds
06/11/21 1:30 pmSandford-St Marys FC 2nds12Tallaght Utd 3rds
30/10/21 2 pmTallaght Utd 3rds22Lourdes Celtic FC 2nds
Referee Statistics
James Keating33216314

Newlane FC 2ndsTallaght Utd 3rds