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19/10/2022: FAI Junior Cup exits; Full fixtures on Bank Holiday weekend Saturday

Saturday (15/10/2022) was a disappointing day in the FAI Junior Cup 2nd round for UCFL teams with Fairview Celtic the only one out of 7 teams to make it through to the 3rd round.

Good progress was made in the Challenge Cup with 8 games completed.

All teams should note that there will be a full programme of games on 29/10/2022, the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend.

31/01/2022 01:17
Division 3C
Lourdes Celtic FC 2nds v Sandford-St Marys FC 2nds 25/3
Match Preview

3rd placed Lourdes Celtic FC 2nds play host to 8th placed Sandford-St Marys FC 2nds at Stanaway Park at 11:30 am

Lourdes Celtic FC 2nds's last game was a 2-2 draw away against Phibsboro Club de Futbal.
Form: D W W W W W W W W W L L D L    Home Form: W W W W L D

Sandford-St Marys FC 2nds's last result was a straightfoward 2-0 win at home against Phoenix Athletic.
Form: W L D L L L L L L W W L    Away Form: L L L L W W

Prediction: Home Win for Lourdes Celtic FC 2nds
24/03/2023 15:11
Hons List for League winners
23/03/2023 09:08
Sandford-St Marys FC v Frankfort FC
07/03/20 11 am
Division 2 07/03 11:00
Sandford-St Marys FC 4 - 0 Frankfort FC
Match Photographs
07/03/2020 16:27
Richard Knight Cup
Shelbourne AFC v Rialto FC 25/3
Match Preview

Shelbourne AFC play host to Rialto FC at Albert College at 11:30 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

24/03/2023 15:11
Season 2021/22 – message from the UCFL Hon Sec
Now that most of our extended football family have blown away the cobwebs by competing in the very rewarding pre-season tournament just finished, we must all re-set and focus on the new season which starts on Saturday 21st August 2021. This entails a return to the regular structures that has underpinned the League for many seasons. I will elaborate on all these good habits for the benefit of all our new teams and indeed restate them for our existing teams.
17/08/2021 16:27
Hons List for League winners
23/03/2023 09:08
Division 3B
Somalia FC 3 - 4 Benbulbin United 18/3
Somalia FC despatched by Benbulbin United.
8th placed Somalia FC were marginally beaten at home by 7th placed Benbulbin United at Brickfield Park (Astro) at 10:30 am

Somalia FC have yet to win at home.
Form: L L L D D L W D W W D L L

Benbulbin United
Form: W L L W W L W W L L W L D L L D L L

24/03/2023 15:11
Division 3C
Phoenix Athletic v Ballyowen Celtic 25/3
Match Preview

7th placed Phoenix Athletic play host to 4th placed Ballyowen Celtic at Albert College at 2 pm

Phoenix Athletic come from a disappointing 2-0 loss away against Sandford-St Marys FC 2nds. They are currently on a losing streak of 5 games.
Form: L L L L L D W W L L W D W W    Home Form: L D W L W W W

Ballyowen Celtic come from a 3-3 draw away against Newlane FC 2nds.
Form: D W W W L D L W D W W W D W    Away Form: D W L D W W W D

Prediction: DRAW
24/03/2023 15:11
Season 2021/22 kick-off Aug 21; FAI Junior Cup 2021/22 – entry deadline extended to Aug 9

(Update 06/08/2021: Please note that the Aug 6 deadline for entering the FAI Junior Cup has been extended by 3 days to Monday, Aug 9)

Following completion of the group stages of our pre-season tournament last Wednesday night (July 28), all teams not involved in the tournament finals will be turning their full attentions to the kick-off of the season proper. For the UCFL, this will be Saturday, August 21. We again remind teams of the importance of ensuring their player registrations are fully sorted out and up to date in advance of the kick-off. We hope to confirm the Divisions for the coming season in the near future.

(02/08/2021): FAI Junior Cup 2021/22 (Centenary competition) – entry deadline Aug 6

02/08/2021 01:34
Division 3
Strand United 1 - 5 Old Bawn FC 11/3
Strand United are defeated by Old Bawn FC.
11th placed Strand United were beaten at home by 5th placed Old Bawn FC at Sacred Heart, Killinarden at 2 pm

Strand United are currently on a losing streak of 6 games.They have yet to win at home.
Form: L L L L L L D L W D L

Old Bawn FC
Form: W W L W W L D W W L L W

24/03/2023 15:11
Division 2
Sandford-St Marys FC v St Marys Boys 25/3
Match Preview

3rd placed Sandford-St Marys FC play host to 4th placed St Marys Boys at Tymon Park at 11 am

Sandford-St Marys FC come from a disappointing 2-0 loss away against Beech Park FC.
Form: L W L D W D D D W W L D D    Home Form: W D W L D

St Marys Boys's last result was a poor 0-3 loss at home against The Local FC.
Form: L D L D W W L W L L W L L W D    Away Form: L D W L W L L L

Prediction: Home Win for Sandford-St Marys FC
24/03/2023 15:11
Use of Match Reports section

Our website has an area (“Match Reports”) for input of short match reports which we felt would be of general interest to many of our teams and would enhance the usefulness of the website as a source of information. To this end, we allowed our clubs direct access to enter such information themselves, with an understanding that no comments of a critical or derogatory nature would be made.

The committee was informed of some allegations relating to a particular match last Saturday and we are investigating these allegations under our standard disciplinary procedures.

Unfortunately, they were also inadvertently entered into the match reports section of our website. We have removed them now and we are also removing access to this section until further notice pending a review of how it should be used in future.

12/07/2021 21:14
Premier Division
Arthur Griffith Park FC 3 - 3 Harding IF FC 11/3
Arthur Griffith Park FC share spoils with Harding IF FC.
2nd placed Arthur Griffith Park FC were held to a 3-3 draw by 3rd placed Harding IF FC at Coldcut Astro at 2 pm

Arthur Griffith Park FC have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: D W L L W D D W L W W D W

Harding IF FC
Form: D W W L W D W W W D L D

24/03/2023 15:11
Richard Knight Cup
Shelbourne SSCFC v Aston Village 25/3
Match Preview

Shelbourne SSCFC play host to Aston Village at St Anne’s Park at 2 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

24/03/2023 15:11
Procedures required for approval of friendly matches

Teams often arrange friendly games at this time of year and are responsible for all aspects of the game’s organisation, among them finding a referee. However, they should obtain approval for these games beforehand for several reasons, not least because referees will need it in place for insurance purposes.

Set out below is a reminder of the procedures which should be followed in order to obtain approval for a friendly game:

1. The organising club should request permission to hold the friendly from its own League via the League Hon Sec giving details of the proposed match i.e. opposition, pitch and date. If any of these details change then a new permission must be sought.

2. The Hon Sec will then confirm the sanction of the stated fixture by email to the organising club, which should in turn make this authentication available for inspection by the referee. Our referees will be advised of our procedures.

3. The organising club should be a current member of the league and ensure that both clubs have the necessary public liability insurance in place.

11/07/2021 19:30
Hons List for League winners
23/03/2023 09:08
Richard Knight Cup
Swords Manor 3 - 3 Rialto FC 11/3
Swords Manor suffer defeat to Rialto FC.
Swords Manor were beaten at home by Rialto FC at Brickfield Park at 2 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

24/03/2023 15:11
Division 2
Rathmines Roosters v Dynamo Ridgewood 25/3
Match Preview

5th placed Rathmines Roosters play host to 9th placed Dynamo Ridgewood at Whelan Park at 1 pm

Rathmines Roosters's last game was a 5-0 loss away against Fairview Celtic.
Form: L W D L D W W W L L L W    Home Form: D L D W W L

Dynamo Ridgewood come from a disappointing 2-4 loss at home against Fairview Celtic. They have yet to win away from home.
Form: L W L L L D W D L L L    Away Form: L L L L

Prediction: Home Win for Rathmines Roosters
24/03/2023 15:11
Pre-season tournament - update

With another round of games successfully completed on the first Saturday in July, the UCFL can state that we are very pleased with progress since the pre-season tournament kicked off on June 9. We hope all participating teams continue to enjoy the competition in the spirit of good communication and co operation displayed to date.

As most of you will be aware, we are targetting July 28 as the date for completion of all group stage games, with finals scheduled for August 7. Given this timeframe, it may not be possible to re-schedule games, especially as availability of referees may be an additional factor limiting our flexibility. We would ask that teams bear this in mind when preparing for games throughout the rest of July.

04/07/2021 21:45
Richard Knight Cup
Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2 - 3 Atletico Malahide 11/3
Dunshaughlin Youths FC despatched by Atletico Malahide.
Dunshaughlin Youths FC were marginally beaten at home by Atletico Malahide at Dunshaughlin Business Park at 12:30 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

24/03/2023 15:11
Division 1
Belgard Athletic v Dunshaughlin Youths FC 25/3
Match Preview

League leaders Belgard Athletic play host to 3rd placed Dunshaughlin Youths FC at Newlands Cemetery, Ballymount Park at 11:30 am

Belgard Athletic has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 8 out of its last 12 games.
Form: W W W D W W W D D W D W    Home Form: W W D W D D W

Dunshaughlin Youths FC's last game was a straightfoward 0-2 win away against Aston Village.
Form: W W L D W W W W W L L D D D    Away Form: W D W L D D

Prediction: Home Win for Belgard Athletic
24/03/2023 15:11
FAI Referee Beginner Courses in July

The FAI referees department have added two courses for training new referees. The UCFL encourages anyone interested in taking up refereeing to consider signing up for one of these courses.

FAI Referee Beginner Course – 6th/7th/8th July

FAI Referee Beginner Course – 20th/21st/22nd July

28/06/2021 13:35
Division 3B
Benbulbin United 1 - 5 Malawi FC 11/3
Benbulbin United suffer defeat to Malawi FC.
7th placed Benbulbin United were beaten at home by 6th placed Malawi FC at Brickfield Park at 11 am

Benbulbin United
Form: W L L W W L W W L L W L D L L D L L

Malawi FC
Form: W W L W L W L W L L L D W L D D L W

24/03/2023 15:11
UCFL seek potential new referees
15/11/2021: Clubs asked to assist efforts to increase number of referees

(List of Referees - click here for referee contact information)

As most clubs will be aware, the shortage of available referees has been creating considerable difficulties across all levels of junior football in recent times, with the problems becoming particularly acute since football resumed after the Covid-19 enforced closedowns.

15/11/2021 17:34
15/01/2022 14:39
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