All UCFL games postponed as restrictions force cessation of football

As expected, the Government this afternoon confirmed that measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus would see Level 3 restrictions applying to the Dublin area from midnight tonight (September 18).

In response, the FAI announced that, with exceptions for certain elite levels (SSE Airtricity League etc.), all football should cease from midnight tonight.

The UCFL were formally notified of this decision by the Leinster FA this evening and we therefore confirm that all UCFL games scheduled for tomorrow (and the coming weeks) are postponed.

The UCFL will seek to keep our clubs informed for the period of cessation and, along with everyone else, we will be hoping that games can resume again in a matter of weeks.

18/09/2020 23:54
External Competitions - FAI Junior Cup, LFA Junior Cup, LFA Junior Shield
Updated 21/09/2020 - entries can be sent to Treasurer if received by Sept 23

(Note - as an alternative to submitting the entries directly, properly completed forms can instead be forwarded to the UCFL Treasurer, who will charge that club's UCFL account with the entry fee and forward all entries received with a single League cheque to cover all such entries. However, to avail of this facility, an entry must be with the Treasurer by Wednesday, September 23.)

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “external” competitions available to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the LFA Junior Cup and the LFA Junior Shield.

All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions. The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level. The LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level.

16/09/2020 16:14
Robert Baxter received the Challenge Cup from UCFL Chairman Barney Blood
Cup Finals update – Tallaght win Challenge Cup as Ashwood pick up MMI

The UCFL’s MMI and O’ Challenge Cup Finals were both successfully held on Saturday (22/08/2020).

In the opening match, for the MMI Cup, Ashwood, new to the UCFL this season, proved too strong for Castle Celtic 2nds, with an early goal from Stephen Bayliss giving them a lead they never relinquished. They eventually extended their lead 15 minutes from time through Nathan Killeen and, though Mark Healy pulled one back for Castle 5 minute later, Paul Tumulty wrapped it up for Ashwood in the final minutes.

Later in the day, Castle’s 1st team took to the pitch for the O’ Challenge Cup Final, facing Tallaght Utd., recently crowned winners of Division 1. After an evenly contested opening half hour, Tallaght went in front when Liam Woods scored direct from a corner, his kick eluding Dylan Cottuli with more than a little help from the swirling wind.

23/08/2020 01:16
UCFL Cup Finals to be streamed live

The O’ Challenge Cup Final, between Castle Celtic and Tallaght Utd. will be held tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 22) afternoon, kicking-off at 3.00pm on Home Farm’s pitch in Whitehall.

Normally, we would be asking all clubs in the UCFL to encourage their members to attend and we would also be reminding them of their allocations of prepaid tickets. However, nobody will be surprised to learn that in view of the unprecendented circumstances prevailing, we were having to control the numbers attending even before the further tightening of guidelines in the last few days which have forced us to abandon plans to admit any spectators at all.

21/08/2020 14:24
League set to resume tomorrow

With competitive football set to resume this weekend, the UCFL would like to remind all our teams of the FAI guidelines and protocols relating to this resumption of activities. When following these protocols we would ask teams to keep in mind their objectives, the major one being to ensure that the transmission of the SARS-CoV2 virus is kept to the minimum possible and that all reasonable precautions are taken and unnecessary risks are avoided.

The FAI have issued guidance at regular intervals in recent weeks and months. Ahead of this weekend’s return to action, we would draw your attention to their most recent comments, issued yesterday (July 16) and the associated release of their latest protocols concerning referees and club Compliance Officers. The comments can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

FAI launch referee and compliance officer protocols

The matchday protocol for referees can be accessed at the following link:

Grassroots Referees Match day Protocol

The link to the Compliance Officer role and responsibilities document is as follows:

Compliance Officer Role and Responsibilities

17/07/2020 16:35
FAI protocols regarding return to training protocols

In a Press Release last Monday evening (June 8), the FAI launched a Safer Return to Training Protocol and associated documentation for all amateur and underage football ahead of a return to training which can begin from today, June 15 onwards.

On Thursday, (June 11), the Leinster FA circulated an email addressing various queries which had arisen in response to the original FAI documentation.

Last Monday's press release from the FAI can be viewed at the following link:

Press Release FAI safer return to training protocol

Note that the associated documentation can be accessed by a link near the end of the press release above.

The subsequent email from the Leinster FA's Provincial Administrator/ General Secretary, Peter Doyle, is as follows:

15/06/2020 00:27
UCFL awaiting further information and clarification from FAI
7 June 2020

Like everyone else, the UCFL are very aware of statements released by the Government on Friday and in turn by the FAI over the following 24 hours, in relation to the implications for the resumption of football activities.

Our initial reaction is that there are quite a number of issues which will need clarification before we can understand the requirements and possible changes to previous timetables. Further information will be available from the FAI tomorrow (June 8), though we do not anticipate that this will provide answers to all the questions currently arising.

The UCFL Executive will be meeting on Thursday night (June 11), when all issues will be considered and we will issue further communication after that, if not before.

07/06/2020 23:03
Teams reminded to submit application forms for 2020/21
4 June 2020

While the UCFL continue to work on the assumption that the 2019/20 will be completed between late August and mid October, attention is also being given to preparations for next season 2020/21. To this end, all teams are encouraged to submit their application form for next season to facilitate this. The main application form, for online submission, is available at the following link:

Team Registration

Given that season 2020/21 is not now expected to start prior to mid-October, the 05 June 2020 date for submission of applications will not be treated as a rigid deadline. Nonetheless, we are asking teams to get their applications in as soon as possible, noting that where information is not yet certain (e.g. main contacts, pitch etc.), this can be supplied or changed at a later date.

04/06/2020 12:49
FAI statement – UCFL response (May 19)

Following the statement from the FAI on Thursday (May 14), the UCFL Executive Committee issued the following response in an email dated 19/05/2020 to all club secretaries:

The UCFL would like to thank all of our clubs for their quick responses to the survey which was carried out 10 days ago in relation to re-starting football. The impression received was that teams generally would be keen to complete the 2019/20 season over a 6 to 7 week period, beginning on July 20.

This and other relevant information from the survey was communicated to the Leinster FA, which in turn made a submission to the FAI based on this and similar responses from other affiliated Leagues.

20/05/2020 13:48
Update - April 25

A further update was issued by the UCFL Hon Sec in an email to all club secretaries on Wednesday (April 22):

The UCFL Executive Committee met again last Thursday (April 16) evening.

We mentioned previously that, at our meeting on Mar 26, we had discussed possible scenarios depending on the restart date. With the extension to May 5 of the measures to combat the Covid-19 virus, the only concrete development has been the ruling out of some of the more optimistic scenarios. However, the committee continue to consider various possibilities and remain committed to completing the season.

25/04/2020 12:44
Update - April 10

The message below was emailed to all club secretaries on Thursday (April 10)

With no new information emerging since our most recent communication on March 31, the UCFL Executive Committee intend to meet (via tele/video conference) again next Thursday, April 16. At this point, we do not expect to be any wiser regarding a possible date for resumption of football activities, but we hope to address a number of less urgent ongoing issues, along with reviewing the current situation.

At this stage of the season, we often encourage teams to think about preparations for the following season, though this is usually difficult while the season is reaching its busiest point. However, given the circumstances this year, teams may well be in a position to take advantage of the enforced break and devote some time to preparing for next season.

11/04/2020 13:25
Update – message from Hon Sec

The message below was emailed to all club secretaries on Tuesday (March 31)

The UCFL Executive Committee held its first meeting since 05/03/2020 last Thursday night (26/03/2020). This meeting was held via tele-conference – a first in the history of the UCFL - to evaluate the ongoing scenario that has emerged with the coronavirus pandemic. It is impossible to make a definitive plan but some tentative ideas were discussed, as follows:

1. We estimate that we will need a 2 month period to complete the outstanding fixture list for this season e.g. if the season recommenced on 1 May it could conceivably be completed by 30 June. By rule, we will have to seek the permission of the Leinster FA to extend the season beyond 31 May. Moreover, clubs with leased pitches from the council and other authorities may have to seek permission to extend their tenure for the current season.

03/04/2020 16:18
Current position in relation to Covid-19

Since our initial communication last week, suspending fixtures for approximately two weeks, it will have become obvious to all that a date for resumption of fixtures cannot be given until we see how events unfold in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, the UCFL Executive continue to monitor the situation and hope to address outstanding issues and consider feasible courses of action in the possible scenarios that may emerge. At this point, we would like to assure all our teams that we remain keen to complete the season when a resumption of action becomes possible.

We are also looking into ways of keeping our clubs and players informed on a regular basis, though obviously there may not be much new relevant information to be provided at particular times.

In the meantime, we trust all our members are keeping safe and behaving as requested by the health authorities seeking to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

20/03/2020 18:45
All football to cease with immediate effect - FAI directive

Please note directive received from the FAI this afternoon, which announces the cessation of all football activities with immediate effect.

The UCFL will comply fully with this instruction, which means that all fixtures scheduled for the coming weekend (14/03/2020) are now postponed. No fixtures will be set for the following weekends, up to and including 28/03/2020.

The UCFL will liaise with all relevant bodies as new information emerges over the coming days and weeks.

To read the full statement from the FAI, please click on the following link:

12/03/2020 19:23
FAI directive - No pre-match handshakes at all FAI matches

In the light of today's events and expected further information from the FAI, the UCFL intends to issue a full update on the position after its regular weekly meeting later tonight.

Pending this update, please note the attached directive which we received earlier this week from the FAI via the Leinster FA.

12/03/2020 13:41
UCFL Coaching Course – National D Licence
05/01/2019: reminder re January course

An email was sent to all clubs prior to Christmas in connection with a specialised coaching course for UCFL members leading to the award of a National D licence on successful completion. The email asked all club secretaries to inform their members of this course and to let the UCFL know how many, if any, are interested. We have had a number of replies and have been liaising with the FAI coaches who are making preparations to hold the course.

The proposal from the FAI is to hold the course over 3 days towards the end of January 2020. The course will begin on Friday evening, Jan 24 and continue over the Saturday and Sunday, Jan 25 & 26.

05/01/2020 20:10
Chairman's New Year message

The Chairman and Executive Committee of the UCFL would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our clubs, their players and mentors and everyone else associated with the UCFL in various capacities.

The UCFL consolidated its position as one of the major adult Men’s Leagues in the Dublin area during 2019 and we look forward to it continuing to prosper during 2020 and indeed beyond as a new decade dawns!

31/12/2019 17:57
12/12/2019: Kildare 2-0 UCFL
UCFL exit Oscar Traynor Trophy

The UCFL are out of the 2019/20 Oscar Traynor Trophy after falling to their second loss in the competition on Wednesday night (11/12/2019), going down 0-2 to the Kildare & District League on a chilly night in Kilcullen.

Though the UCFL had chances, Kildare undoubtedly deserved their victory, hitting the woodwork on two occasions before half-time, then taking the lead through a brilliant strike from JP McDonagh on 59 minutes, before the same player sealed victory for his team with a tap-in 20 minutes later.

Kildare will now take on Kilkenny at the same venue next Sunday to determine which of these two teams advance to the knockout stages as group winners, while the UCFL are left to reflect on another frustrating night as much good play failed to yield any tangible reward.

13/12/2019 01:34
03/12/2019: Management meeting Thursday night (Dec 5); Transfer window re-opens
(Meeting in FAI HQ, Abbotstown)

The December Management Meeting will be held at 8.00pm this Thursday night (Dec 5) in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. All clubs must attend. Fines will be imposed for non-attendance.

The second player transfer window of the season opened on Sunday (Dec 1). This window will remain open until Jan 31. Note, however, that unattached players may continue to sign for a club at any time up to the end of March.

03/12/2019 15:15
01/12/2019: Mrs. Brown’s Boys/ FAI Heart Care Programme
Basic life support training to be offered nationwide

On 18/11/2019, the FAI announced an expansion of their Heart Care Programme initiative, including plans for a programme to introduce basic life support training nationwide for grassroots volunteers in 2020 with the first training courses conducted by Heartsafety

Solutions scheduled for February.

Dates and locations for this basic life support training are set out below and UCFL clubs are encouraged to register up to two members each to participate. Coaches have the option to take a 3 hour morning or afternoon session.

01/12/2019 15:18
Euro 2020 Qualifier - Ireland v Denmark
Tickets available from UCFL

Clubs wishing to purchase tickets for the forthcoming Republic of Ireland v Denmark (Euro 2020 qualifier) match on Monday, 18 November 2019, should contact the Chairman, Barney Blood (087 9819882/ with details of their requirements.

Please note that prepayment will be necessary when ordering tickets for this match – the Chairman will provide precise information on this when contacted.

17/10/2019 10:15
UPDATE - October Management Meeting re-scheduled for this Thursday 10/10/2019 7:30pm

The October Management Meeting, which was originally due to take place last Thursday night, will now instead take place this coming Thursday night (10/10/2019) in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15, with a 7:30pm start. All clubs must be represented.

League fees are due for payment in full by Oct 1 each season; in practice, this will be taken as the date of this week’s meeting, 10/10/2019. The Treasurer asks that as many clubs as possible pay in advance of the meeting by direct transfer to the League’s bank account.

30/09/2019 15:07
External Competitions

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “external” competitions available to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the LFA Junior Cup and the LFA Junior Shield. All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions. The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level. The LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level.

Entry forms for the FAI Junior Cup can be downloaded here:

17/08/2019 23:12
Volunteer in Sport Awards

Federation of Irish Sport Volunteers in Sport Awards to recognise the contribution of the

450,000 people who ensure sport in Ireland happens each week.

 EBS, the Mortgage Masters to sponsor awards as part of a wider campaign celebrating the role of the volunteer;

 37.2 million hours of volunteering across Ireland’s 14,000+ sports clubs and associations each year;

 An overall winner from each county will be selected as well as one national “team of volunteers” award and a ‘Lifetime’ award;

 Closing date for nominations is Friday, 27 September

18/08/2019 22:53
Sanctioning Of Friendly Games

In relation to friendly matches, which are a major feature of pre-season preparations at this time of year, clubs are reminded of FAI Rules of the Association, Part C), Rule 34.3, which requires that these games be sanctioned.

Part C), Rule 34.3 reads as follows: “Domestic friendly matches, including but not limited to tournaments and trial matches, must be sanctioned by the League of the hosting team”.

The full FAI Rules can be viewed via the following link:

The home team should take responsibility for obtaining sanction for a friendly game and, in the case of a UCFL team, this involves contacting the UCFL Hon Sec, Paraic Treanor (, as far in advance as possible, requesting the UCFL’s sanction for the fixture.

11/08/2019 19:01 Training Session – Aug 8

As advised at the July Management meeting, the UCFL has arranged a training session for the online player registration system ( on Thursday, August 8. It had originally been intended to hold two sessions on the night, but the proposed time for the earlier session was not convenient for most and it was therefore decided to hold just one session, which will begin at 7.30pm in FAI HQ in Abbotstown.

All clubs are encouraged to attend as it will be an opportunity to become more familiar with the system and also the working of the second season process which effectively amounts to extending the registration of existing players for another season. Those attending should bring a laptop.

Those who wish to attend should email the Registrar at and let him know their intention to do so.

11/08/2019 19:04
New Season – Formation Meeting This Wednesday (July 17)

The Formation Meeting for the 2019/20 season will take place this Wednesday, July 17, at 7.30pm in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. All clubs must be represented; fines will be imposed for non-attendance.

Please note that this meeting will be held on Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday, due to the unavailability of the conference room this Thursday evening. We do expect future management meetings to revert to Thursdays as usual after this week's meeting, with the next one scheduled for Thursday, August 22, ahead of the 2019/20 season kick-off on Saturday, August 24.

11/08/2019 19:06
Management meeting in Abbotstown this week

There will be a management meeting this Thursday, 07/02/2018 in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15, beginning at 8.00pm. All clubs must be represented. Fines will be imposed for non-attendance.

This is the first meeting at the new venue in Abbotstown which follows the decision taken at the previous management meeting in December.

26/03/2019 17:44
Affiliated to: