About UCFL

Founded in 1948, the UCFL is one of a number of amateur soccer leagues operating in the Dublin area. It is one of the main leagues in the city for Saturday soccer, on which it concentrates exclusively. Fixtures are also sometimes set for midweek evenings (Mondays and Wednesdays) at the start of the season in August and as the end of the season approaches in April and May. It is usually necessary to do this due to the postponements which inevitably occur due to bad weather during the winter months.

The membership of the UCFL currently (season 2019/20) consists of 60 teams from 46 separate clubs, split into 6 separate divisions. Some of these clubs also run teams participating in one or more of the other leagues in Dublin.

In addition to the divisional leagues referred to above, the UCFL also runs 4 knockout Cup competitions together with 6 Shield competitions,1 for each of the 6 divisions. Further details on all these competitions can be found elsewhere on this site.

27/03/2019 17:40