Team Registration for season 2021/22

With the end of the standard season on May 31 approaching, thoughts are now turning towards next season 2021/22. While the LFA have not yet confirmed their position regarding a possible extension of 2020/21 beyond May31, the UCFL are proceeding on the basis that 2020/21 will be abandoned.

Therefore, we are now asking all teams to begin preparations for next season 2021/22 immediately, beginning with team registration, before making arrangements to ensure their players can be registered once player registration for 2021/22 opens on June 1.

Registration of each team should be completed via the online team registration form available on this website at the following link:

UCFL online registration

Note that clubs with more than one team should, as usual, submit a separate application for each team.

Finally, please note that the registration form is also available in excel and pdf formats, though the online option is our preferred method.

10/05/2021 13:29