2021 pre-season tournament - Rules and Procedures
06/06/2021 (updated 09/06/2021)

[Update 09/06/2021: Ahead of tonight's kick-off, we would like to draw everyone's attention to Rule 4, permitting roll-on/ roll-off substitutions and Rule 7, which directs that a penalty shootout must take place after each drawn game, with the winner of the shootout being awarded an extra point in the Group competition (so the shootout winner receives two points in total for the game, with the shootout loser receiving one point for the draw in 90 minutes).]

With our pre-season tournament fast approaching, we would remind any participating teams which have not yet done so, to email the UCFL Hon Sec Paraic Treanor (paraic.treanor@ucfl.ie) confirming their wish to enter the tournament. Please do this now!

Tournament Rules & Procedures:

The committee have agreed a set of Rules governing the tournament and these can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 2021-22 Pre-Season Tournament Rules.

In addition, we would like to remind all teams, especially new teams, of the standard procedures ahead of each match:

The home team must contact the opposition and referee to ensure all is in order, give directions, check colours and any other items which may be relevant. Contact details can be found at the following links:

Teams: UCFL - Club Contact Details 2021/2022 (Based on information available to 05/06/2021)

Referees: Referees UCFL

A full fixture list has already been circulated to all clubs; any future alterations to these (e.g. kick-off times and referees for fixtures after June 16) will be advised in fixture updates which we intend to issue weekly during the tournament.

Teams must wear uniform gear, including shorts and socks. Home teams must provide a minimum of two approved match footballs, nets, corner flags (5ft high) and have pitch marked.

If the home team’s pitch is unavailable, the game must be switched to the away team’s venue (if available).

Each team must pay the referee (half fee each) before the match begins. Note the relevant Covid protocols – exact fees in an envelope etc. The standard fee per the 2018-21 agreement (FAI Referees Fees & Expenses 2018-2021) is €48, split equally between the two teams.

09/06/2021 14:03