Pre-season tournament - update

With another round of games successfully completed on the first Saturday in July, the UCFL can state that we are very pleased with progress since the pre-season tournament kicked off on June 9. We hope all participating teams continue to enjoy the competition in the spirit of good communication and co operation displayed to date.

As most of you will be aware, we are targetting July 28 as the date for completion of all group stage games, with finals scheduled for August 7. Given this timeframe, it may not be possible to re-schedule games, especially as availability of referees may be an additional factor limiting our flexibility. We would ask that teams bear this in mind when preparing for games throughout the rest of July.

On a related issue, the UCFL was also pleased to receive a letter from the Irish Soccer Referees Society praising the tournament and noting that it is playing a welcome role in helping their members to return and prepare for the 2021/22 season after a very long period of inactivity.

To view our 06/06/2021 article outlining information on the pre-season tournament and containing links to the tournament rules, team and referee contact information, please click the following link:

Pre-season tournament - 06/06/2021 article

04/07/2021 21:45