Procedures required for approval of friendly matches

Teams often arrange friendly games at this time of year and are responsible for all aspects of the game’s organisation, among them finding a referee. However, they should obtain approval for these games beforehand for several reasons, not least because referees will need it in place for insurance purposes.

Set out below is a reminder of the procedures which should be followed in order to obtain approval for a friendly game:

1. The organising club should request permission to hold the friendly from its own League via the League Hon Sec giving details of the proposed match i.e. opposition, pitch and date. If any of these details change then a new permission must be sought.

2. The Hon Sec will then confirm the sanction of the stated fixture by email to the organising club, which should in turn make this authentication available for inspection by the referee. Our referees will be advised of our procedures.

3. The organising club should be a current member of the league and ensure that both clubs have the necessary public liability insurance in place.

11/07/2021 19:30