Season 2021/22 kick-off Aug 21; FAI Junior Cup 2021/22 – entry deadline extended to Aug 9

(Update 06/08/2021: Please note that the Aug 6 deadline for entering the FAI Junior Cup has been extended by 3 days to Monday, Aug 9)

Following completion of the group stages of our pre-season tournament last Wednesday night (July 28), all teams not involved in the tournament finals will be turning their full attentions to the kick-off of the season proper. For the UCFL, this will be Saturday, August 21. We again remind teams of the importance of ensuring their player registrations are fully sorted out and up to date in advance of the kick-off. We hope to confirm the Divisions for the coming season in the near future.

(02/08/2021): FAI Junior Cup 2021/22 (Centenary competition) – entry deadline Aug 6

As advised directly by email on Friday, all teams interested in entering the FAI Junior Cup (which will apply particularly to teams in our top two divisions) should note that the closing date is now only a few days away – August 6. Unfortunately, due to the use of an out of date email address, the notification sent to the UCFL did not reach us until late last week.

Details of the entry process are set out in the following notice issued by the FAI:

For club secretaries, please see the below link to competition entry and instructions.

FAI Centenary Junior Cup 2021/2022 Entry Form

Please follow the above link and provide all information requested. It is the responsibility of the club secretary to review all answers and make sure all information is clear and accurate.

(Note from UCFL: if the UCFL's name does not appear on the drop-down box for entering the team's League, please choose "Other" and enter UCFL via box which appears)

There is no entry fee for Clubs who paid an entry fee for the 2020/21 Junior Cup. Clubs who did not enter the 2020/21 FAI Junior Cup will be contacted regarding entry fee for this season’s FAI Centenary Junior Cup. For clubs applicable, the cost of entry for the years competition is €30.

02/08/2021 01:34