Season 2021/22 – message from the UCFL Hon Sec
Now that most of our extended football family have blown away the cobwebs by competing in the very rewarding pre-season tournament just finished, we must all re-set and focus on the new season which starts on Saturday 21st August 2021. This entails a return to the regular structures that has underpinned the League for many seasons. I will elaborate on all these good habits for the benefit of all our new teams and indeed restate them for our existing teams.


The fixtures will be issued directly to all clubs via their UCFL email address on a weekly basis and will also be posted on the UCFL website. It is envisaged that the fixtures will be published no later than Monday of each week. It is not possible to have a longer listing of fixtures currently due to a variety of factors – e.g., general shortage of referees, ground sharing clashes, cup competitions both domestically and external. When the light permits, there will be mid-week fixtures on either Monday or Wednesday evenings along with the scheduled weekend fixture list. However, the Republic of Ireland’s men’s senior team programme may clash with our own schedule and UCFL fixtures may be adjusted to accommodate this.

Any issues with any fixture must be advised to the Fixtures Secretary Noel Fitzroy, without delay, and he will endeavour to find a suitable solution. No club/team has the authority to call off a fixture. If a postponement is required for a future date, an application must be sent to the Fixtures Secretary within the designated timeframe accompanied by a confirmation of payment of a €30 fee. If a late postponement is required after the fixtures have been circulated, a fee of €60 must be paid. The fee will be returned if any postponement is declined.

Match Day

To enable the match day to go smoothly, the home team must ring the referee and the opponents early in the week to confirm all is ok, give directions, advise of colours etc. If there is a potential problem with the home team’s pitch, they must advise their opponents immediately so that the away team can be prepared for a switch to their ground. Good communication will enable the scheduled fixture to go ahead if both teams are prepared for a switch.

Teams must wear uniform gear, including stockings and knicks. The home team must also provide a minimum of two approved match balls, nets, corner flags (5 ft at least above the ground) and have the pitch marked. All teams must follow the match day Covid guidelines as amended from time to time and whatever other guidelines that may issue subsequently from relevant authorities. It is important that the referee is paid beforehand.

Disciplinary Meetings

Red card reports will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Seamus Doherty. The decisions and sanctions following the receipt of the reports will be communicated by email to all the relevant parties. If warranted, this Committee may request the attendance of nominated people following the red card report. However, a person who is the subject of a red card report, may also request a personal hearing. It is important to note that it is not possible to appeal the automatic red card suspension unless there is a proven case of mistaken identity.

Management Meetings

A meeting of all clubs (Management Meeting) is normally held on a bi-monthly basis. The following is the proposed schedule for this season, subject to availability: October 7th, Dec 2nd, Feb 3rd, and April 7th with the Annual General Meeting taking place in May.

Player Registration

Bryan Flewett is our Player Registrar and Child Welfare Officer. He will handle any query about the registration system and advise on reinstatements from professional to amateur, re- grading from UCFL Premier and Division 1 to the lower divisions, and international transfer certificates (ITCs). Any player, regardless of nationality, must have an ITC if he has played outside the jurisdiction of the FAI.

Friendly matches

Requests to host friendly matches must be sent to the Hon Sec in advance of the proposed fixture, detailing the date, pitch, opposition, and referee if known at that stage. Both clubs must have public liability insurance and complete a match card. The confirmation authorisation email should be available for inspection by the referee.


The League fees for the coming season will be agreed at the Management Meeting on Thursday 19th August. Teams are reminded that all League fees are payable on or before October 1st, 2021 with the exception that new clubs are required to have paid their fees in advance of the start of the playing season. All clubs must have valid public liability insurance to compete in the UCFL.

Website –

The League’s official website,, is the only official online website/ social media presence of the United Churches Football League. It is the only website that expresses the opinions and views of the UCFL.

Paraic Treanor

Hon General Secretary



17/08/2021 16:27