04/04/2011: Seniors Division update

Last year, in response to a number of queries, the UCFL sought to gauge the level of interest in a possible Seniors Division for players who have reached the veteran stage.  Despite subsequent expressions of interest from a number of potential teams, the number of applications fell short of what was felt necessary for a viable competition.

However, the indications are that the interest in this proposal continues to grow and we have decided to pursue the issue again, with a view to setting up a Seniors Division in season 2011/12.

We believe there are a number of ways in which a Seniors Division would benefit the UCFL and some of its existing clubs in particular.  Not least among these is the hope that an overage division would help to keep experienced people involved in the game, perhaps enabling their clubs to benefit from their continued participation in various ways such as fundraising, administration, running of teams or some other activities of value to those clubs.

We do not envisage this new division impacting on our existing divisions in any way.

Anyone with an interest in the idea should contact the League Hon Sec, Mr. Paraic Treanor, as soon as possible.  Paraic can be reached by email or phone, details available under the committee section.