07/08/2016: FAI Junior Cup/ LFA Junior Cup; LFA Junior Shield

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “outside” competitions open to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the Leinster FA Junior Cup and the Leinster FA Junior Shield. All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions.

The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level, while the LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level.

The deadline for entering the FAI Junior Cup this year is Aug31 with an entry fee of €30 payable to the FAI Junior Council. For the LFA competitions, forms must be lodged on or before Sept1, with a fee of €25 similarly applying in each case.

Entry forms for the competitions can be found in the Forms/Procedures - Forms sub-section of this website. The LFA forms are also available on the LFA website – click here for LFA Junior Cup and LFA Junior Shield.

The entry forms can be sent to the address on the forms, along with the required fee. Alternatively, entries can be handed in to the UCFL committee at the August management meeting on 18/08/2016. Please note that fee payment by cheque is preferred (payable to the FAI Junior Council/ Leinster Football Association as appropriate), though the UCFL will accept cash payments.