26/03/2010: Clubs reminded to send in results as midweek matches begin

Club secretaries are reminded that it is their responsibility to inform the League of the score after every home match.  As per the email sent out on Friday, this information should be sent by phone, voicemail or text to the Assistant Hon Sec, John Fraser before 6pm after a Saturday match, or 9pm after a midweek match, as per the email sent to all clubs on Friday.  Details of scorers and any other information of interest are also welcome.  Clubs should note that with midweek games now about to begin, it is particularly vital that they send in results in order to allow us to keep everything up to date.  We intend to publish up to date league tables on the website reflecting the latest midweek results over the coming weeks (though Saturday results will continue to be delayed until after publication in the Irish Daily Star on Tuesdays), but this can only happen with the full cooperation of club secretaries.

The following summaries from last weekend appeared in Tuesday