28/04/2015: Over-35s division

At the April management meeting on 09/04/2015, the possibility of the UCFL setting up a division for players over the age of 35 was again raised. Judging by the response on the night, there appeared to be little interest in the proposal and the matter was considered to be largely closed at that stage.

However, in the weeks since then, a number of clubs have approached the League expressing interest in joining such a division. With time now getting short, we are asking any potential over-35 teams who have not yet contacted the UCFL to please get in touch as soon as possible, as any decision to go ahead will need to be taken sooner rather than later.

Anyone interested in this over-35 division, whether an existing member of the UCFL, or with no current or past involvement, should contact the Hon Secretary, Mr. Paraic Treanor at or 087 2599817. Alternatively, an application form can be filled in and submitted automatically online (see