29/03/2011: News of semi-final pairings in three Cups

At a reception on Monday night (28/03/2011), the draws were made for the semi-finals of the Nivea for Men Challenge Cup, the MMI Cup and the Sidney Bedlow Cup.  The pairings which emerged were as follows:

UCFL Challenge Cup sponsored by Nivea for Men:

Stedfast Utd


Trinity Corinthians

Leixlip Town



MMI Cup:

Seaview Celtic/Castle Celtic


Brookfield Celtic

Ashwood Celtic


Aston Village 2nds

Sidney Bedlow Cup:

Limekiln FC


Lucan Utd.

Moorfield FC


Allenton Utd.

The semi-finals of the Challenge Cup will be held on 09/04/2011 at neutral venues.  Home advantage will apply for the first drawn teams in each pairing in the other two competitions.  Further information can be viewed under the Cup Competitions section of the website.