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20/07/2017: New season – Formation meeting and other notices

Preparations for the new season are continuing and club secretaries should take note of the following:

(1) Management meetings and player registration

The Formation Meeting for the 2017/18 season will be held at 8.00pm on Thursday, July 27 in the Dublin Central Mission Hall, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. All clubs must be represented. The allocation of teams to the various divisions may be available for announcement at that meeting, but that is yet to be decided. Player registration forms will also be available at the meeting (note that the cost this year has been increased to €5 per form).

The season itself will kick off on Saturday, August 26. There will be another management meeting just before that on Thursday, August 24 and this will be the last opportunity to return signed player registration forms before the season kicks off. However, clubs wishing to sort out their player registrations sooner can return forms to the Registrar, Bryan Flewett, or any member of the committee before then; forms can also be obtained before the July meeting by contacting the Registrar and arranging purchase.

(2) “Outside” competitions

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “outside” competitions available to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the LFA Junior Cup and the LFA Junior Shield. All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions. The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level. The LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level. We will post more details on these competitions in a couple of weeks when the divisions for the coming season have become clearer.

The deadline for entering these competitions is usually towards the end of August with an entry fee of €25 and entry forms are expected to be available shortly. We will confirm the situation and make entry forms available on this website and/or circulate by email as soon as possible. Entries can be returned (with fee) at the UCFL August management meeting, or delivered directly to the FAI/LFA.

(3) Insurance, disciplinary and other procedures Clubs are also reminded to ensure that their public liability policies are up to date/ renewed before the start of the new season.

New clubs (and indeed existing clubs) should note the information concerning insurance and player registration under the Forms/Procedures section of this website.  Information on the League’s disciplinary procedures is also outlined while clubs may find some of the information under the About UCFL section of interest — in particular, the Membership, Rules and Contact sub-sections