20/08/2019: Management Meeting Thursday night (August 22)

The August management meeting will take place at 7.30pm this Thursday night (Aug 22) in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. All clubs must be represented. Minutes of the 17/07/2019 meeting will be circulated to all clubs in advance of Thursday night.

There are a number of changes to the Laws of the Game which are being introduced for the 2019/20 season and one of our senior referees will address the meeting on this topic.

Also, entries (accompanied by the appropriate fee(s), split between FAI and LFA) for the FAI Junior Cup, the Leinster Junior Cup and the Leinster Junior Shield can be handed to the Hon Sec (or any committee member) on the night for forwarding to the relevant body. For further information on entering these competitions, see below.

Clubs are asked to note that the UCFL has FIFA approved match footballs available at a price of €30 – please contact the Hon Sec, Paraic Treanor at paraic.treanor@ucfl.ie by Wednesday evening at the latest.

Clubs are reminded that players must be registered using the FAInet system. More information on this process can be viewed by clicking here. It is imperative that clubs understand that this process must be carried out two days in advance of kick off next Saturday.

18/08/2019: External Competitions

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “external” competitions available to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the LFA Junior Cup and the LFA Junior Shield. All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions. The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level. The LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level.

Entry forms for the FAI Junior Cup can be downloaded here:

FAI Junior Cup entry form 2019/20

The entry fee is €30 and the closing date is August 30.

Entry forms for the two Leinster FA competitions can be accessed using the following links:

LFA Junior Cup entry form 2019/20

LFA Junior Shield entry form 2019/20

The entry fee is also €30 for each of the LFA competitions. The closing date is September 1. However, as September 1 is a Sunday, the closing date is effectively August here too.

UCFL teams can submit their entries by bringing them along to the management meeting next Thursday night (August 22), accompanied by the correct entry fee (split between FAI and LFA as appropriate). Teams with a record of keeping their finances up to date can email a scan of their entry form to the League Treasurer at seamus.doherty@ucfl.ie and Seamus will be happy to forward it to the FAI/LFA along with payment and charge the entry fee to that team’s account.

Teams which choose to submit their entries directly to the LFA/FAI must ensure that the Fixtures Secretary is informed of their entry.

07/08/2019: Sanctioning of friendly games

In relation to friendly matches, which are a major feature of pre-season preparations at this time of year, clubs are reminded of FAI Rules of the Association, Part C), Rule 34.3, which requires that these games be sanctioned.

Part C), Rule 34.3 reads as follows: “Domestic friendly matches, including but not limited to tournaments and trial matches, must be sanctioned by the League of the hosting team”.

The full FAI Rules can be viewed via the following link:


The home team should take responsibility for obtaining sanction for a friendly game and, in the case of a UCFL team, this involves contacting the UCFL Hon Sec, Paraic Treanor (paraic.treanor@ucfl.ie), as far in advance as possible, requesting the UCFL’s sanction for the fixture.

06/08/2019: FAInet.ie training session – Aug 8

As advised at the July Management meeting, the UCFL has arranged a training session for the online player registration system (FAInet.ie) on Thursday, August 8. It had originally been intended to hold two sessions on the night, but the proposed time for the earlier session was not convenient for most and it was therefore decided to hold just one session, which will begin at 7.30pm in FAI HQ in Abbotstown.

All clubs are encouraged to attend as it will be an opportunity to become more familiar with the system and also the working of the second season process which effectively amounts to extending the registration of existing players for another season. Those attending should bring a laptop.

Those who wish to attend should email the Registrar at bryan.flewett@ucfl.ie and let him know their intention to do so.

15/07/2019: New season – Formation meeting this Wednesday (July 17

The Formation Meeting for the 2019/20 season will take place this Wednesday, July 17, at 7.30pm in FAI HQ, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. All clubs must be represented; fines will be imposed for non-attendance.

Please note that this meeting will be held on Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday, due to the unavailability of the conference room this Thursday evening. We do expect future management meetings to revert to Thursdays as usual after this week's meeting, with the next one scheduled for Thursday, August 22, ahead of the 2019/20 season kick-off on Saturday, Augus